2019 Max with Virgin Tanks

nomadwisdomnomadwisdom Member Posts: 27
I have a 2019 Max and the fresh-, grey-, and black-water tanks have never been used and have remained empty. If I were to start using full hookups now, would everything still work okay, or do you think it's possible that connectors, etc. might have dried out? Thanks.


  • TexasLMaxTexasLMax Member Posts: 25
    bought our 2018 max in 2019 after it sat on the dealer lot for a year.  took it home, hooked things up and worked like a champ.  no issues.  now if it was a few years older.....maybe, but I think a year or two is fine.  besides we store ours dry for the winter months and then use it in summer and no problems yet either.  
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