LED Touch Screen for Tank Level Monitor

wtrshdyodawtrshdyoda Member Posts: 3
Got a new 2020 LGM  in early March. When we did the walk-through the panel worked impressively. It sat in storage for a couple of months. The battery drained a bit because of the lights being left on from the demonstration (The little hidden LED strips, and a couple of reading lights in the sleeping area) that the solar panel didn't keep up with for full charging. Plugged in the 7-way to the vehicle to check things the other day, and now have the battery on a trickle charge, however the touch screen no longer displays anything other than the Liberty Outdoors logo. Have I "lost my touch"? What gives?


  • TexasLMaxTexasLMax Member Posts: 25
    If you're seeing the logo screen, just touch the screen again and you should then see the individual displays.  That's what I did.  I also powered everything down for a hard reboot.  Hope that helps.
  • wtrshdyodawtrshdyoda Member Posts: 3
    Hey - the solution came from customer service.  We found the connection to the LED under the sink and among all those wires for the switches, but it was easy to distinguish the right connection, unplug it and plug it back in, and lo and behold it kinda re-booted and worked again!
  • TomDTomD Moderator Posts: 101 mod
    Yay!!! Positive outcome. The old reboot  =)
  • PaxmiabPaxmiab Member Posts: 1
    We also had the same problem with our 2020 LGM and it was fixed by unplugging and then plugging it back.
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