2020 Max TV System

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I recently purchased my 2020 Little Guy Max, but I think I have found a flaw in the way the TVs are set up. Earlier models of the Max came with AC powered TVs that could only be used when connected to shore power or with a generator. My Little Guy Max came with Jensen DC powered TVs. The pro to this is obvious- you can watch a TV on battery, but I have found two issues: 1. The TVs, although they come with audio out, were not set up to use the speakers in the Little Guy Max. I am guessing that may be because you may have separate programs running on the front and rear TV, but I was still surprised to not see that functionality. 2. The most fatal flaw I see is that the outdoor bracket has no method to power the DC TV. In previous models, the AC socket could be used, but there is no DC socket to power the TV in place of the AC. One would expect when they lift that flap, to see a cigarette lighter style socket....Nope. Instead, you have an AC socket that appears to have plastic over the prongs, and two USB ports. Not a DC socket in site. So the question remains, if you hang the TV outside on the bracket, how do you power it?


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    Sunshine 135, you are correct on all accounts.  There was a November 2019 listing of the same subject (see below).  I'm afraid there was no solution to the problem, just verification that it is a problem.  I have not seen a comment solving this issue.  


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      The Jenson TV's are DC only. They are chosen so that they work off the battery and do not have to be plugged into shore power like you would if they were AC. 

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