Bottle Opener

BeerrunBeerrun Member Posts: 30
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This seems like a camping necessity to me, and yes it was scary drilling into the side of my trailer. 


  • ukrazyukrazy Member Posts: 315
    Good job Beerrun. I'm a home brewer and that certainly is a necessity! Why didn't I think of it.
  • BeerrunBeerrun Member Posts: 30
    What do you brew? I grew some Cascade Hops this summer and was thinking of brewing again, haven't done it in years. I've been making Mead lately, but prefer something with high IBU numbers.
  • jerry101jlhjerry101jlh Member Posts: 1,266
    Number 1 accessory of the month here and much cheaper than another tent or screen room lol
  • akula1akula1 Member Posts: 247
    I hope that you used silicone or some other way to prevent water to get into your sidewall.
  • ukrazyukrazy Member Posts: 315
    Beerrun, You could name almost any style of ale and I've brewed it. From oatmeal stouts to light wheat beers. I extract brew and each batch I usually do a partial mash. I do 2 1/2 gal. batches, and usually have 2 going at the same time. I don't brew in the summer because it's too hard to control temps. Plan to do a couple of all grain batches this winter. I generally do clones of my favorite beers. My "Blue Moon" clone is much better than store bought. My last two batches were rye IPA clones which came out on the malty side, but drinkable. I did a brew last winter that I called Cascade Pale Ale.
  • BeerrunBeerrun Member Posts: 30
    Sorry I'm so slow to respond.
    Glad you liked it Jerry. Lets see some pictures if you install one.

    John, I pre drilled the 2 holes, shot some silicone into the holes and a dab at the base. I feel pretty good about it being sealed.

    ukrazy, Brewing beer is a great hobby (with rewards) and it sounds like you enjoy it. I've never brewed with mash, I guess it sounded complicated. Do you think it helps the flavors? I also like your 2 1/2 gal. batch idea. I sometimes use party pigs instead of bottling. Small experimental batches would be just right for that.
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