Water line and front modifications

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I had a plumber come in and fix my SS to where I could use shore water when it was available, vice having to keep filling up the storage tank.  He did some work on the inside that provides me with a shut off valve to keep shore water from going into the tank and installed a line to that for the shore water (see picture one).  Picture 2 shows the underside of the SS.  The water line is the one in the front.  It has a shut off on it to keep the water from the storage tank from running out if you are using the tank instead of shore water. I decided to install a drain line so I didn't have to crawl under the camper to hook a hose up to the sink drain.  One thing to remember is on the drain, make sure you install a vent pipe so the water will drain properly.

On the front end, I had my spare tire mount welded onto the frame, added a storage box and the pole you see sticking up is for an antenna.  All easy things to do once you figure out what you want to do.


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    You mentioned a vent, is that an under counter styled vent?  Looks like you've got things figured out and have made it more user friendly.  Well done!
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    benatk you got it all; good idea about the vent pipe and are you used of backing up something with a short yoke ?     Gary

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    Mike, the vent I mentioned is basically just a plastice t with a short tube running up.  It's almost like what you would have in your house pipes, just shorter.

    Puppy, I'm not sure what you are talking about  when you asked "are you used of backing up something with a short yoke ?"  If you're talking about a short trailer, then yes, but if you are talking about something else, then you'll need to use some terms I understand.  Remember, I'm just a dumb ole South Georgia country boy, lol.

    Safe trips,


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    Thanks for sharing that, Ben. Crawling under the trailer is my 8 year old's job, but I'm sure he'd thank me if I reconfigured things. :)). I'll have to put that on my ever-growing list of things to explore during the off season. :) Lisa
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