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Hello all,

It has been some time since I have been on this forum and I apologize for not following up sooner. I left this forum with the intent of driving down to Oregon to pick up a 5-wide that was for sale down in Salem. We looked at a custom 2005 and found it in excellent shape. The interior had been completely rebuilt - paneling - and is somewhat unfinished.
We bought it and towed it up to Washington state. This was the first time I have done any driving with a trailer. We were 'fortunate' enough to have record breaking rain all the way home. We got a little water inside - either by the doors or the axle given where the spot was. I am not too worried given the torrent she was in. We have her in the garage now, high and dry, fully dehumidified. We expect to just leave her in there for the winter and finish the unfinished and completely customize her.
I have been enjoying myself wiring up my command center. It must have a primo stereo in it though it will only be used quietly at night. I love my jazz. It already had a ridiculous inverter in it. I decided to keep it and I have already positioned my AC outlets. If you see the photo of the interior you can see that one of the cabinet doors is missing. This is my command center and I already have a cabinet maker that is going to make a cool black 'glass' front panel. I have some lights to get installed as well.
Vicki is into natural decor - animal skins (legal stuff), natural wood, things of the earth. She is a real artist at it creating a number of Indian leather dresses and quivers. Anyway she has plans to put in small beams of bent wood and cargo carriers lined on the outside with fur. The bedspread will be made of various patches of leather and suede. She already has put up wood candle holders with those LED candles - looks like a show piece.It is going to be wild literally. We have hooked up with a local auto body place that can duplicate the PTs color and trim.
Hope you don't mind that I rambled on. We are going to love working on this in Winter and camping this Summer.






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    Very cool!    =D>  Keep posting updated pictures!
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    That is very cool! Do you plan to do any cool weather camping? The one thing I'd worry about is condensation's impact on that fur. Of course, the animals got wet with it! When it is cold outside and relatively closed up inside, the walls of my SS are coated in condensation from breathing during the night. If it's not cold outside, that isn't a problem. Also, if you always plan to be hooked up to electricity, you can have a heater and/or dehumidifier running. Just something to factor in. The LGs seem to notice fewer issues with condensation it seems, but I suspect that may be due to the carpeting on the walls either providing some insulation or making the condensation less apparent. Good luck with the customization! Sounds like it's going to be a masterpiece! :) Lisa
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    Super nice. The use of maple (or some light wood) is a good choice.  On the leaking. Could be the doors but some of us have noticed a wall separation from the floor right over the axel. Something to check on. You could see daylight when looking down the inside of the wall at that point. We have a fix for it btw. We found that only the older lg's had the problem and then again only some of them. My guess is it may not be your window. We've never had a window leak and my 6 wide is circa 2006.
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     Looks like a nice find in the used LG market. Really like those cool drawers in the galley. I just had my galley area taken apart, for other repairs. Wish I had thought of doing some drawers, while it was easy. Mine is all wood too, just not near as nice.

      Hope you'll concider a trip to Az. in May for the rally.


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    Looks very nice.  It looks like everyone is taking the time to modify and/or retrofit their LG the way they want it.  Great!  Mine will probably be the most unique because I'm not doing anything to it for now.  It's just going to be the standard white factory installed plain unit.  My problem is that it's simple to take things apart, but I've never managed to get them back in the right place as a finished product.  I envy all of you talented folks!  I'm looking forward to getting some clever ideas at the Western Rally next May. Keep remodeling those LG's and sending pictures.  I'll live vicariously through them.
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    From the looks of those rear tail lights that is an older Little Guy so maybe the wet bedding near the sidewall is what Dan was referring to?   I like all that wood interior as it looks nice!  
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    Thank you for the kind comments. I wish I was this good with my hands. We just got this and there was a professional cabinet maker involved before we came along. I am actually a bit clumsy but I make up for it with ideas.Speaking of ideas, I really liked this one. If you look at the picture of the wire cabinet, you can see a piece of molding above it going across the cabin area. It is shaped like an upturned trough. In the trough, where you can't see it, he put a LED light strip. This shines on the ceiling, provides indirect lighting and is surprisingly bright. It looks simple to do and is a great effect. I looked at that and thought, "I've got to start thinking like that".
    Lisa, I hear your words and you got me thinking. I doubt that I am going to change Vicki's mind. One thing we vowed to do when we got the LG is dehumidify after every trip. I think that is just good practice and the reason we had to butcher the queen mattress (that was another post). I don't think we are going to brave the very cold places.
    Dan and Mike, Thanks for the tip re gaps by the axle. I will check on that. I am planning a full underside inspection soon as I can get this up on a lift. I have read about that here.
    Thanks for the kind comments. We love her :-)

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    The potential places your trailer might leak considering model and year from the experience of my 2006 6 wide sport platform.

    The elongated rear lights were meant for a flat surface. They're on a curved surface. They are marine lights.  These were used before the current LG factory owners actually owned and built the trailer. The only way to stop the leaking is to flatten the surface which I have seen some people do and is a major rebuild, or, as I have done, lift away the rubber gasket with a knife and apply a bead of silicon behind it. It will stop any leaks. Going on 4 years now. You can tell if the tail lights are leaking by removing the cardboardish inside back. It has a few screws but will remove to reveal the inside area of the tail lights.

    As I said before the sides can bulge and pull away from the floor in the area over the wheels. If you have this issue contact me and I'll show you how to fix it. A few others have done the same thing here.

    Another potential area is where the body meets the platform at the front of the trailer. You'd see water leaks at the head of your mattress right near the floor at the front of the trailer. The lining will get soft at that point and you might see water stains on it. My solution was to buy a 1" wide 6 ft long aluminum angle from home depot. I used stainless screws to place it right in the corner across the outside front of the trailer down where the wall meets the platform. I placed a thick bead of silicon sealer in that corner before putting the angle down. So far.. no leaks.

    I've been out for months at a time and brought this poor little lg some wonderful and horrible places in all kinds of weather in 44 states. We haven't had one leak since. I will tell you that I purchased the trailer used, with the leaks but the price reflected that nicely. A couple days work later they were all gone.
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