TV/DVD and shelf install

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Howdy all, I just wanted to share my improved 4-wide.

I bought an RCA 13.3" led tv/dvd combo for my 4-wide lil' guy. It's a 12 Volt model. I tried one of thos small thin tv antennae (amazon for $12), and it works ok..... in my driveway. I also decided to add a shelf to go under the factory cabinet.

I removed the thin board covering the center opening, and made a new "backer board" from 1/2" Baltic Birch ply. I also used solid Birch for a spacer, and a solid Walnut angled block for the tv "removable" mount. The removable mount does not swivel side to side, it only pivots up and down, which works in the 4-wide. I cut the walnut at an angle to make sure I could aim the screen properly, as the tv mount allows for +/- 12 degrees vertical rotation. I also changed the 12 volt receptacle, and added a second one. Both are marine rated and made in the USA by Blue Sea. While I was at it, I redid some of the wire splices that didnt look good, and cleaned up the wiring loom in the cabinet.

I also made a shelf from 1/2" Baltic Birch ply with a thin walnut front lip. It is 8" deep, and screwed to solid birch cleats that I attached to the side walls. I finished all of the wood with Danish oil to seal it up.

This was a fun project that I finished today (though I've been working on it for the last two weeks), and got me thinking about future mods I'd like to do, like adding a raised floor/ under floor storage (for the solar panel and other camp tools), and to re-work the galley area, and make it more usable like the SS models galley's. Maybe I might get to that this winter..... I would like to get rid of all the white cabinetry, natural wood looks so much better.

Here are a few pictures to show what I did.



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