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Hello everyone, I have been absent from the forum for the winter and I am coming out of hibernation - and out of a job - I am retired now . I recently got to try out my bent table for the kitchen area. It is an odd shape to provide a wrap around effect on either side of the LG. I decided that this would maximize the work space without cramping the chef. As I said, it goes on either side. I don't think it would support a great deal of weight but was perfect for the camp stove and the plastic sink. My wife gave it a big thumbs up. So allow me to add this simple idea to the mountain of ideas here.

I have had trouble with word docs here before so I hope you can open the attachment.



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    I'll help you out Bentspoon and transferred these over to a jpg format as follows:


    Note the odd shape and twin legs. This makes it universal left or right mount on the LG. Part of the Patrick Rail can be seen on the LG. When attached, the angle on the table ends provides a “wrap around” effect for the kitchen area.


    Here it is attached – supporting the stove . The wood post and water spigot is part of the park. But you can see that it is supported by one of the folding legs. The other side is attached to the Patrick Rail on the LG
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    Mel, over on tnttt posted his home made version of these diagonal wing tables.  Nice idea and seems simple to make.
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    This is a great idea.  Question did you fasten the bracket to the side of the camper?  I want to do something like this to my [email protected], but am concerned I might use the wrong length screws.  My idea is to put a bead of silicone along the bracket mounted to the [email protected] and then fasten it with screws.

    Again, nice job!
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    Thanks for the comment Hellfish. I called the factory and asked how long the screws could be. 3/4 inch for external. [email protected] might be different but probably not. Give them a call. I put a layer of sealant behind, on screws and on the screw heads when done. The last thing I want is an invisible leak. I would not put a lot of weight on it. I cut the Patrick Rails to 30" and the screw holes are 4" apart so I have seven of these screws in. Half the weight on the table is supported by the fold down leg. So I am not too worried about it coming off. I am sure that if the table was latched in and let go without the fold down leg, it would peel right off the side of the trailer. My next step is to coat it with marine epoxy. Bentspoon
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    Nice tables, I never would have thought of mounting them at an an
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