First Outing on the Mini Max

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First trip.  Kept it short(2 days) and close for the shakedown cruise.

Overall:  Love the Mini, would happily buy again, but, as in all new product lines, it needs some tweaks.

Things that did not work “out of the box”:

·        Solar Charger: Wire to the fuse box not connected.  Few minutes with customer support tracked it down.  Owner fixed.

·        Furrion Entertainment System: 

o   Radio not receiving any stations.  Antennae not connected.  Another call to customer support tracked down the access and owner fixed. 

o   MP4 off USB stick will not play even though owners manual states MP4 is a supported format.  Contacted forum and Furrion.  While waiting, determined only video format I can get to work is MPEG 1 or 2 at 720 x 400.  Good enough. 

Other comments: 

·        Bed Slats:  When backing up a slope, they slid forward from stowed position and onto the floor.  Installing a slide bolt latch in center.  Today, found the slats lying in the underneath cargo storage ares.  Need a better system here.  This is getting old.

·        D rings:  Need some in bed/dinette area to secure cargo.  Will be installing some

·        Sharp corners:  Above the sink, there are two cubby holes for storage.  The inboard bottom three sided corners are sharply pointed.  Head strikes are common.  Cut my scalp.  Installed foam rubber bumpers.

·        Cargo Door:  How about another one on the other side?  Equipment that slides to the other side is unreachable.

·        Can lock yourself out.  The door handle lock, if in the locked position, can allow the door to close and lock you out if you (or the wind) closes the door.

·        Heater:  Works great.  Used it throughout the night.

·        Air-conditioning:  Also works fine.  Just a short test but it cools the Mini very quickly.

·        Fridge:  Love that big fridge.  IAW the owner’s manual, it does take a while to initially cool down.  Be patient.  Worked fine.  Checked all modes (AC, DC, LP gas)

·        Water heater:  Checked both gas and electric modes.  Heated the water quickly.  No problems except temperature was past scalding hot in electric.  Researching on how to lower the temp or possible thermostats not working.

·        Shower head.  Would have liked the type you can shut off water flow with a button or lever.  Allows you to shut off water to soap up and keep water temp adjusted for the rinse.  Will be replacing this.

·        Brake lights:  If you put any items of height on a cargo platform on the rear hitch, it will block the brake lights.  Researching if I can raise the lights a few feet.  More visible to drivers that way anyway.

·        Exterior water panel:  The panel is very tightly confined making it difficult to screw the attachment nut to the water hose.  Recommend using a bigger and deeper panel so you can get your fingers around the nut more.

·        Microwave:  Just tested with a glass a water.  Heated it up fine.

·        Stove:  No issues.

·        Windows:  Great.  Love the combined privacy and screen sliders.

·        Insulation:  Impressed how long it maintains warmth (or coolness) before noticeably changing or, if using the environmental system, for it to kick back on.

·        Towing:  Well behaved with a Toyota 4Runner.  No issues.  Was in some pretty gusty winds and found no ill-tempered movements.

·        Owner’s Manual:  Very generic overall.  Most not specific for the LG Mini Max.  You need some serious technical writers.  Like to see simplified schematics and explanations for the Water Systems, Electrical Systems, and Brake systems

·        Fuse Box:  No labels for the Fuses and CB’s.  Really?

·        Overall workmanship:  Very good with attention to detail that I can see.

·        Buy again?:  Yes

·        Recommend to a friend?:  Yes

That’s all for now.  Looking forward to taking her out again this week.


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