Fan-tactic Ultra breeze vent cover

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We are looking at purchasing a MIni Max and I was wondering if those who have already purchased a Mini have added the fan-tastic ultra breeze vent cover? I know a lot of people have added these to their [email protected] and was wondering if it was worth having the dealer add at time of purchase? Thanks. 


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    First you should watch the youtube video on how to install and see if you are comfortable doing it.

    Second if you have them do it, make sure they use  a real one and not knock off. The high density polyethylene ones are good but the molded resin ones fall apart quickly, as mine did and after researching for a replacement and reading the reviews many others had the same issue.

    Make sure they warranty their work and use a garden hose on it when you get a chance to make sure there are no leaks.

  • FandN_SCFandN_SC Posts: 12Member
    MrBill - Thanks for the input. I would definitely want the molded resin version. I would rather do it once and be done with it. Do you find it works good?
  • nmmikenmmike Posts: 29Member
    I purchased one online and after reviewing the install instructions,etc. , I have decided to use a non-permanent suction cups (heavy duty, Amazon) install on an "as needed" basis.  Considering I live in NM and it hardly ever rains here, I still want the ability to use it when I need it, I thought this was a reasonable compromise.    Mike s
  • elliottdahleelliottdahle Posts: 31Member
    My dealer tried to install one and said there was not enough room because of the roof top AC. If you find one that fits, please let me know. I have posed this question to LG as well and will post their response.
  • FandN_SCFandN_SC Posts: 12Member
    Thanks for the feedback elliottdahle. I’ll be interested to hear what LG has to say. 
  • elliottdahleelliottdahle Posts: 31Member
    I wanted to comment a bit more on why my Dealer could not install the Fantastic Fan Vent Cover on the Mini Max roof. If you look at the attached photo, it shows the placement of my fan and the Roof top AC. Most of the Vent Covers spec out at 19.5" wide. While there is 19.5" from the clip attachments of the fan (see photo for one side of the clips) the Roof Top AC extends out an additional 2.5" just a few inches up from its base (just below the Dometic decal).  This reduces the width area to 18" or so and the Vent covers don't have enough room to clear the AC. If anyone comes up with a solution or a vent cover that works, I would be most interested. 
  • elliottdahleelliottdahle Posts: 31Member
    This is how it came from the factory - brand new just 3 weeks ago.  I am going to start another discussion to see how the roof vent fan appears on other Mini Max's that have recently been purchased. 
    Thanks for your heads up. 
  • nmmikenmmike Posts: 29Member
    Based on this discussion and other discussions on these new trailers, I am wondering if they are like cars used to be, i.e. the first new model year is when the manufacturer has some quality control issues to work through?  Because, that picture of the vent sealing looks nothing like the job done on my 2017 six wide Rough Rider.

  • elliottdahleelliottdahle Posts: 31Member
    My guess is that this is a very flat roof at the point where this fan is located. They probably needed to add some pitch - not the prettiest way to do it. I have an email in to LG to see if this is how they look when shipping to dealers. My dealer says all three that he has (all sold, one on lot) look just like this. I am hoping to get some feedback from other new owners. I guess on the bright side: (1) the roof is high enough that you have to be on a ladder to see this caulking and(2) it probably won't leak.
  • nmmikenmmike Posts: 29Member
    Sloppy design and / or work.

  • DylanDylan Posts: 6Administrator admin
    Hey All,

    Just wanted to give you some insight from the production side. That "goop" you are referring to is called Dicor Self Leveling Roof Sealant. You would be hard pressed to find any RV roof that does not feature that sealant. You don't want to solely rely on the rubber or foam gaskets provided by the manufacturers of various products. They could be incorrectly installed and not compressed enough, they could deteriorate, etc. I have not seen a travel trailer roof that didn't look like this with roof sealant around your fan, roof vent, tank vents, or anything else cut into your roof.
  • nmmikenmmike Posts: 29Member

    Here is the install on my 2017 six wide Rough Rider.
    It looks like a lot better job.  However, like all caulked joints, it 
    looks like it will need to be inspected periodically, and resealed 
    if cracks, gaps develop over time.  In New Mexico, the low humidity and
    UV exposure is tough to deal with.

  • DylanDylan Posts: 6Administrator admin
    That would make sense on your smaller Little Guy. So basically the thought process is:

    1) A shorter unit like a Rough Rider where you see the roof everyday would receive a more precise application like your picture because it is visible at most times. The downside like you mentioned is that a small seal job like that will require maintenance and periodic checking

    2) We take a different approach on the taller units like the Little Guy Mini's and Max's that we currently build. Because the roof line is so tall we don't want customers to forget about the maintenance. Out of sight, out of mind. Because of that, we apply a generous amount to prevent any water damage. Standard caulk and silicone can dry over time and crack. The Dicor Lap Sealant does not dry and crack but will remain flexible. We feel that it is a superior product.
  • nmmikenmmike Posts: 29Member
    something does not seem right when things look that sloppy,, 
    using a self leveling, flexible sealant sounds good but there is no
    reason why it can't look like it was applied in a good workmanlike manner.
    I wonder what the Dicor lap sealant people would say.
  • nmmikenmmike Posts: 29Member
    I took a look,,, it is not super pretty which I guess is inherent with this product,, but it looks a whole lot better than what the factory is doing.
  • elliottdahleelliottdahle Posts: 31Member
    Dylan, thanks for the explanation on the Dicor Self Leveling. I had owned a TAG and then a TAB & wasn't sure as to why this looked so different. I did take my Mini Max by the dealer - there is no sagging, cracking or shrinkage - the seal is working perfectly. 
  • elliottdahleelliottdahle Posts: 31Member
    I was able to get a CAMCO fan vent to fit on the Mini Max. It is about 1.5" narrower than the Ultra Breeze Vent cover. 
  • elliottdahleelliottdahle Posts: 31Member
    Here is the response I just received from Little Guy:
    Hello Elliott,

    We have recently discovered that the Fan-Tastic Vent Cover indeed does not fit on the Mini Max.  We are working to find a product that does fit and will update you as soon as we have a product.

    Thank you and please let me know if I can help you further.

    Liberty Outdoors Customer Service

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  • nmmikenmmike Posts: 29Member
    I agree with ur last post! 
    Seems like they need to design a bigger distance between the fan and the A/C unit.  And it also seems like you could design a flashing or a gasket for the fan that would work, perhaps with a bead of UV resistant, pliable (maybe a marine product, silicone?) caulk. 
    At least the manufacturer's rep has been consistent, not seeking to improve their product.
    Mike s
  • JeepinWTNJeepinWTN Posts: 3Member
    I will be really happy if when I pick up my LGMM on Saturday to find sealant applications such as the one in question.  Very well done in my opinion.
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