Looking for narrow but tall Tongue Box

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Recently I purchased a Renogy solar package for my Little Guy camper.  I am running into several snags with putting everything together.  1 of these snags is with mounting the Renogy Rover Charge Controller.  The ventilation requirements for this are that it needs to be mounted vertically with a top clearance of 6 inches and a lower clearance of 6 inches.  If totaled it will equal 20 vertical inches.

The simplest placement of Charge Controller would be within the trailer tongue box.  Unfortunately my box is only 12 inches in height.  Getting a new tongue box for me isn't a big issue for me as I would be glad to replace my black plastic box with a diamond plate box.  Unfortunately fulfilling space requirements isn't easy.

I have enough trouble in locating boxes in the neighborhood of 20 inches.  I also am constrained by the depth of my existing box.  It fit's in between the spare tire and battery box and is only 14 inches.

So far I have only found 1 or 2 boxes that have the identical pattern of 14 inches deep and 22 inches tall.  I am trying to imagine whether this would be somewhat top heavy.  Realistically I would be happy to cheat down a little to the height of 18 inches, but I don't see anything in between 18-22 with the depth of 14 inches.  There also is another constraint in that the width of the front face of the box would need to be over 19 inches as the tongue width is that number.

Any ideas to what would be a good solution?  I'm not %100 fixated that the answer lies within the constraints I am looking for, but it would be my preference.  I will attach a picture of my existing tongue box.


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    @immped64  Northern Tool might have.  Northerntool.com.  They come in black or chrome color.
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    This seems to be the only one out there within my needed size.  There are a few things that concern me about this, yet it may be my best option.  The things that bother me a little are;
    1) Fairly low reviews
    2) Long shipping period
    3) I worry that it will be over tall on my trailer.

    I am close to deciding.  I believe there is another company called Johnson or something that also sells what appears to be identical tongue boxes besides name plate.

    I wish there was something closer to 18 inches tall within the same size bracket.

    Thank you for checking; I likely will decide on this.
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    @immped64. I don't know if it's still the case, but mine was made by Better Built for Northern Tool, which I got about four years ago.  Mine isn't shaped like that one.  I will say mine is not very heavy, but as it turned out, I didn't care because I didn't need a bunch more tongue weight.  I've got a lot of stuff in it, and it hasn't been a problem.  I just thought it was a bit spendy.  Mine has a fairly decent rubber seal around the lid, but I try not to aim the hose up under there.  The walls are somewhat thin I suppose.  I wanted to attach an 11 pound propane tank to it, so my husband drilled holes and put a steel plate in there to make it stronger.  One reason I got it was it fit my space pretty well.  I have no idea if these are any different.
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    I have purchased my tongue box.  I was in the process of installation when I made a unhappy discovery.

    Even though the front to back is almost identical to what I already have I discovered that my spare tire will not fit.

    There are 2 bolts that allow allow sliding the tire through lug nut holes and unfortunately the tire is thicker than the clearance necessary to go between these bolts and the tongue box.

    I can attach a picture.  What you can see below is that if the tire was on the 2 bolts and the tongue box was in place the tire can be pushed off the bolts but I can’t clear the rim of the tire.

    I have looked at the sturdy stem of the tire holder all the way to the welded on battery box in front of the tongue box and am having trouble coming up with an idea to gain the clearance I need.  Frankly I am not sure if the old somewhat shorter tongue box even had enough clearance.

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    If you move you spare, you would have additional flexibility. I used to have my spare on the tongue, but wanted to reduce weight up front. I put a luggage rack on top and moved the spare up there. 
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    I would like to say I could move this, but I will be adding solar to the top of the camper.  The tongue box change is a component of the overall solar project.
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    Some folks attach the spare under the trailer or throw it in the tow vehicle.  My spare has stopped me from doing some things, like a bicycle rack, but I figure I wouldn't use a bicycle much anyway, so I left it alone. 

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    I attached mine to the tongue but it’s on the side of it. Has not gotten in the way of anything yet. 
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    Mine also.  Just barely fits, but works.  My tongue weight is a little much, but my rig handles it.  Well, it could go towards the battery a little, but no need.

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    I don't know how much space immped64 has, but I see that trailer does not have the oblong shaped rack on the front like mine and Groveratc's.  I mean it doesn't look like it in the picture.  It might be built enough different that the tire would not fit?  I have no idea, might be more pictures if you do a search or someone could tell you that has one similar.
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    Those are great ideas for location.  I wish I had foreseen the clearance issue.  To do this I would need to shift the position of my tongue box which would make it fall between the main supports of the tongue.  I would also need to remove the spare tire’s support post.

    Here is another picture.  You can see the support post for the spare tire.  You can also see how close this was to actually clearing.  It does interfere however in every direction between the 2 bolts and the rim.

    Those are awesome setups with essentially the same tire placement!
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    My tire support post is clamped/bolted on to the tongue area, and not welded, so it can be moved forward or back.
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    That would be great to have the tire mount removable.  That is a better designed mount than the trailer I have.  I don't believe I would be able to get to that design within my budget unfortunately.
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    What I am thinking I will try to do is find a welder that can split the horizontal mount and remove a couple inches of it's length.
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